Integral Production

Innovative products, demanding production processes and complex workflows call for precise and efficient machinery. Perfect equipment can often not be acquired off the shelf.

The Durrer team is used to working in an interdisciplinary way. Specialists from all relevant fields cooperate in analysis, development, planning and engineering tasks. Durrer‘s high tech machine shop produces required components at short notice. Experienced technicians assemble and test all systems. They also instruct customer personnel and provide reliable support as well as maintenance.

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Graphic Machines

For more than 40 years, we've been building index cutting machines. The Durrer machines REMAT and REGA, amongst others, are renowned worldwide.

In addition to step index manufacturing, Durrer constructs sophisticated machines for the assembly and packaging of wall calendars and books- and book block fabrication as well as for advanced binding techniques.

The potential for automation in the graphics industry continues to be high. Our experience in advanced paper processing along with our competence as designer and manufacturer of special-purpose machines make us your ideal partner.

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We would be pleased to meet you on a coming exhibition!


Digital edge-colouring

Since January 2018 we can offer you the DIGI-B.

If you like to visit this efficient machine, please contact us to make an appointment with our sales team.

We look forward to advise you personally and individually.

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customer specification - implementation made by Durrer

The ticket punch- and coding automat TSA is a customized machine for a Swiss client. 

WIRO 4.02 and SIX-CUT

Second line is in assembling

The WIRO 4.01 has been in operation for several months and has already processed more than one million products. With second machine WIRO 4.02 a complete line for processing of folded sheets is realized. The line integrates a Müller-Martini ZTM with Durrer new development of SIX-CUT and the punching and binding line of WIRO 4

Hence in the future, Wire-O bound products from folded sheet including advertising pages and covers, will be produced with maximum efficiency and short change over time. 

Would you like to have more information? We are glad to present this latest development of Durrer in the middle of December. Please contact our sales team, Norbert Ott and André Greissinger.

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National future day 2018

Auch am diesjährigen Zukunftstag ermöglichen wir Schülern von der 5. bis 7. Klasse einen Blick in unserem Betrieb. Mädchen aber auch Jungs können die Berufe des Polymechanikers und Automatikers hautnah miterleben.


Wenn Du gerne einen Tag „Technik- und Mechanik-Luft“ schnuppern möchtest, dann melde Dich doch bei Stephanie Weber bis spätestens 31. Oktober 2018.


Wir freuen uns auf deine Anmeldung.


Media Releases and Reports



Media Releases and Reports in German

11. October 2018 - BOTE der Urschweiz
Durch Standortzusammenlegung Synergien und Wachstum optimieren


09. October 2018

Neuer Standort in Immensee


September 2018 - bindereport
DIGI-B - Anspruchsvolle Sonderlösungen


March 2018 - bindereport
DIGI-B - Farbschnitt_industriell_produziert


February 2017 - PC control
WIRO 4 - Durchgängiges Automatisierungssystem - Drahtkammbindung