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Our knowledge of vacuum technology and related applications is extensive. It is based on years of experience.

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Baked goods or bone implants

From the baked goods industry to the medical technology sector, customers rely on Durrer Vacuum Solutions, worldwide and very successfully.

Whatever your requirements are: We develop tailor-made, reliable solutions - including services over the entire life cycle.


We are your specialists

Vacuum technology is one of Durrer's special fields:

a technically generated vacuum is used to carry out processes or production steps better or faster.



Vacuum in general

What is vacuum?


1 bar

Vacuum cleaner

0.7 bar

Mount Everest

0.3 bar

Food packaging

0.1 bar

Durrer vacuum cooling

0.006 bar

Medium vacuum

0.001 bar

Durrer vacuum drying

0.000'006 bar

High vacuum

0.000'001 bar

Ultra-high vacuum

0.000'000'1 bar

Durrer vacuum sensor technology

0.000'000'001 bar















Vacuum cooling - NEW GENERATION

Unique solutions for the baking industry

The brand new generation of vacuum coolers from Durrer

The fastest cooling method of all: Our powerful vacuum coolers ensure greater efficiency in the bakery. Highest hygiene standards and easy integration into existing control systems are a matter of course.

Directly from the oven, bread is cooled down by 60° C within minutes: there is no faster way. The powerful pump draws off the steam. Our vacuum coolers meet the highest hygienic and technical requirements. They increase productivity in the commercial and industrial production of baked goods. And they ensure optimised space utilisation.

We supply standardized vacuum cooling systems, but also design customized solutions. And: We develop complete solutions - including integration into the line or into existing control systems.


The advantages are obvious:

   Controlled cooling process
   For low-germ production with fast process control.

Quality optimization
   Process safety thanks to reliable control technology.

   Reduction of baking time
   Leads to improved utilisation of the oven surface.

    Shelf life, freshness and crispness
    With ideal water balance in the product and low-germ cooling.

Production area
   Optimised use of space through reduced processing time.

   Minimum maintenance costs
   With an optimum concept and components of the highest quality. Simple and cost-effective.

Higher productivity
   Through reduced times in baking, cooling, processing, packaging and optimised logistics.

   Human-oriented operation and handling.

   Suitable materials and cleanable design according to EHEDG.

   The use of state-of-the-art technology and intelligent control systems leads to high energy-efficiency.

   Shaping and stabilisation
   Finished and half-baked products, ability to pulsate.

VCS-Lab - Mobile vacuum cooling unit for the cooling of baked goods for R&D

The laboratory vacuum chamber is designed for several baking trays. It is suitable for various test experiments and for training purposes. The lab chamber offers the same functionality as the larger Durrer VCS coolers. Yes, it is the same proven Durrer technology, but much more compact and mobile. The results can be seemlessly scaled up. This enables us to meet the requirements and wishes of our globally active clientele in vacuum cooling technology.

The 200 m3 pump reaches a final pressure of < 0.01 mbar and cools the baked goods at the same rate as the large batch vacuum coolers.

Pump capacity: 1 x 200 m3 for R&D
cooling capacity: from 95°C to approx. 35° core temperature in 4 minutes
Chamber size: 60 x 40 x 80 cm (W x L X H)

Research partner:

We are constantly researching and developing further our vacuum coolers. We regularly receive the latest research findings and forward-looking knowledge from the most renowned Swiss research institutes. Finally, it is our goal to continue to play a pioneering role in vacuum cooling technology.



VCS-Batch - Vacuum cooling plant for cooling bakery products for batch production

The standard vacuum chamber is designed for one, two or three baking trolleys (Euro standard). However, it is also offered as a customized version - according to individual specifications and wishes. The optimum pump for the system is evaluated after an initial product analysis. We offer two types of pump stands:

TECHNICAL ROOM TYPE: Open pumping station. The pumps are installed in a separate technical room.
TYPE BACKSTUBE: Closed pump stand with chiller. This system is installed directly in the bakery.


VCS-Inline - Vacuum cooling system for cooling baked goods in inline production

The inline vacuum cooling system is a continuous system. The baked goods are transported from the oven to the cooling chambers via a conveyor belt - directly and fully automatically. Within minutes, the baked goods are also cooled down by 60°C and transported directly to further processing.

The vacuum chamber of the inline system is offered as a customized version. Our engineers determine the size and capacity of the system individually: on the basis of the parameters and targets defined with the customer.

The following objectives are defined:



Product movie:



Improve your product quality, productivity and cost efficiency now - significantly. Our tailor-made vacuum cooling solutions for bakery products give you a clear competitive advantage.


Does that sound interesting? Our experienced team will be happy to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.



Vacuum Drying

Medical Technology

Durrer vacuum drying solution

Vacuum drying is used for packaging sterile implants. The process guarantees both low temperatures and short drying times, which in turn enables massively shorter throughput times than alternative methods.

Durrer designed a system that on the one hand fulfilled the relevant FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines and on the other hand could be integrated into the customer's IT network in order to guarantee the required traceability.

Vacuum Welding

Sensor technology

Durrer vacuum sensor solution

When manufacturing sensors for the calibration of highly sensitive measuring instruments, a calibrated measuring cell is hermetically sealed under high vacuum.

Thanks to many years of experience in vacuum technology, Durrer realizes vacuum systems that fully meet the customer's high requirements. The requirement in this task is to achieve a vacuum of very high quality, i.e. about 10-9bar.

The sensor cells are automatically welded in the recipient in narrowly tolerated and controlled cycles under vacuum in different temperature zones. The challenge lies in implementing mechanics, welding technology, gas flushing and measurement technology in ultra-high vacuum in the smallest possible space.

With the interdisciplinary know-how of process technology, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and software development, Durrer can optimally realize such projects.