Cross-sectoral competence

Durrer's strengths in the field of vacuum technology are its broad knowledge of related applications in various sectors. The extensive experience in the application of vacuum in different pressure ranges allows our interdisciplinary team to realize the desired solutions.

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Thanks to a high level of in-house development and production depth, we are able to manufacture everything ourselves under one roof. This guarantees short communication channels and delivery times at low costs and high quality.  

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We implement customer-specific solutions and offer you a contact partner for the entire life cycle.

Vacuum Cooling

Bakery and food industry

Durrer vacuum cooling solution

Vacuum cooling is the fastest cooling method ever. The forced evaporation of the hot steam in the oven-warm bread creates an extremely powerful cooling effect with which the hot bread is cooled by up to 60° C within minutes.

The volume of steam to be pumped off is very large, which is why only powerful pumps are suitable. Up to 5 litres of water or 50,000 litres of steam are pumped out for one batch. In order to maintain the final humidity despite this, a shorter baking profile with a slightly higher temperature is used.

The hygienic design complies with the guidelines of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and thus ensures that the vacuum chamber meets the highest hygiene requirements. Thanks to its network capability, the vacuum chamber can be integrated into the higher-level control system. This makes it possible to record the production data and ensures remote diagnosis.

Durrer offers standardised or customised vacuum cooling systems for batch and laboratory chambers. In the field of inline production, Durrer offers complete solutions for vacuum cooling with the required automation and integration into the line.

Vacuum Drying

Medical Technology

Durrer vacuum drying solution

Vacuum drying is used for packaging sterile implants. The process guarantees both low temperatures and short drying times, which in turn enables massively shorter throughput times than alternative methods.

Durrer designed a system that on the one hand fulfilled the relevant FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines and on the other hand could be integrated into the customer's IT network in order to guarantee the required traceability.

Vacuum Welding

Sensor technology

Durrer vacuum sensor solution

When manufacturing sensors for the calibration of highly sensitive measuring instruments, a calibrated measuring cell is hermetically sealed under high vacuum.

Thanks to many years of experience in vacuum technology, Durrer realizes vacuum systems that fully meet the customer's high requirements. The requirement in this task is to achieve a vacuum of very high quality, i.e. about 10-9bar.

The sensor cells are automatically welded in the recipient in narrowly tolerated and controlled cycles under vacuum in different temperature zones. The challenge lies in implementing mechanics, welding technology, gas flushing and measurement technology in ultra-high vacuum in the smallest possible space.

With the interdisciplinary know-how of process technology, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and software development, Durrer can optimally realize such projects.


What is vacuum?


1 bar

Vacuum cleaner

0.7 bar

Mount Everest

0.3 bar

Food packaging

0.1 bar

Durrer vacuum cooling

0.006 bar

Medium vacuum

0.001 bar

Durrer vacuum drying

0.000'006 bar

High vacuum

0.000'001 bar

Ultra-high vacuum

0.000'000'1 bar

Durrer vacuum sensor technology

0.000'000'001 bar