Vacuum Drying.
For Medical Technology.

We have developed our vacuum drying system especially for medical technology. It guarantees high process reliability for the entire cycle depending on pressure, temperature, gassing, and timing.

In addition, short drying times create significantly higher efficiency than with comparable systems.

The system meets strict FDA hygiene requirements. It can also be easily integrated into existing IT networks, fully guaranteeing all production data traceability.

Vacuum Technology, MedTech, Control Technology.

With traceability and short processing times, the requirements for drying of orthopaedic surgery products are high.

Our solutions meet them all!

DePuySynthes, Johnson & Johnson, Neuchâtel

In the plant, products for orthopaedic surgery are dried.

Success story VDS 400 for DePuySynthes.


In the past, the medtech company needed around 24 hours for each vacuum drying process. This cycle time had to be reduced by 16 hours. All systems available on the market did not meet the customisation possibilities, flexibility and performance.

Thanks to many years of experience with vacuum technology, Durrer was commissioned to redesign and build several vacuum drying systems in the role of general contractor.


For DePuy Synthes, Johnson & Johnson from Neuchâtel, we have developed a vacuum drying system for drying products for orthopaedic surgery. The systems guarantee a high level of process reliability for the entire cycle depending on the pressure, temperature, gassing and time specification. The system meets the strict hygiene requirements of the FDA. It can be easily integrated into existing IT networks.

The units consist in each case two separate vacuum chambers, which accelerate the drying process with high-performance vacuum pump systems.

Medtech - Guaranteed traceability

For production plants in the medical technology sector, traceable production data is a must. During production, numerous process-relevant data points are recorded and evaluated. The data is securely transmitted to a local edge computing architecture.

This server architecture can also be realised as a cloud-based solution. Further production plants can also be integrated into the existing network without any problems. If the market demands an expansion of production capacities, the new unit is connected to the network and the data is available within a very short time.

Another benefit is that the validated recipes can be managed and processed centrally, as of course also the batch reports. To make the system failure-resistant, the system-relevant computers are set up redundantly.

Aftersales – We remain your partner.

Durrer services do not end after commissioning. We support our customers afterwards with various services. We look after 750 plants all over the world, which means that we take care of repairs, maintain a comprehensive stock of spare parts, ensure professional maintenance, and carry out regular upgrades and optimisations regarding the long-term value of your investment. Our service centre is available at all times and has an open ear for all your concerns. Whatever it is, we ensure that it is handled promptly and professionally. Of course, the highest quality standards are also guaranteed.

We take over for you

  • Updates and upgrades
  • Maintenance and revision
  • Spare parts service
  • Technical documentation and software maintenance
  • Worldwide services for machines and plants
  • Q-data acquisition

Your benefits

  • Variable instead of fixed costs
  • Fast repair cycles
  • High efficiency