Non-destructive leak testing. 

For the food and medical industries.

New: Leak Testing Solutions (LTS):

LTS stands for our latest development, Leak Testing Solutions. With this innovative system you can test the tightness of packaged products. The fully automatic LTS inline system is a groundbreaking new development from Durrer and offers a reliable method for ensuring product quality.

LTS - Leak Testing Solutions

What is the LTS Inline?

The LTS Inline is a fully automatic system for real-time testing of the tightness of packaging. This innovative solution offers seamless integration into your production line and enables continuous monitoring of product quality throughout the manufacturing process.

The advantages at a glance

  • Non-destructive leak testing
  • 100% inline checking
  • Increasing quality assurance
  • Industry 4.0
  • Professional support throughout the entire life cycle
  • High quality design

The advantages of the LTS Inline:

  • 100% testing: With the LTS Inline, a 100% non-destructive leak test can be carried out.

  • Highest precision: Our LTS Inline offers precise and reliable testing that detects even the smallest leaks.

  • Customer satisfaction: The LTS Inline ensures the delivery of flawless products to your customers and consumers.

  • Quality assurance: The LTS Inline supports quality assurance, process documentation and traceability are guaranteed.


Our expertise:

The LTS Inline is the result of our many years of experience and our comprehensive know-how in the field of engineering and automation. Durrer develops and implements innovative solutions to increase the quality and efficiency of your production processes.