Based on years of experience, our vacuum technology and related applications knowledge is extensive. Today, we develop efficient, reliable systems for the most diverse needs.

From the bakery industry to the medical technology sector, customers all over the world rely on Durrer Vacuum Solutions and see great success.

Whatever your requirements, we develop tailor-made, reliable solutions – including services over the entire lifecycle.

Vacuum cooling

Unique solutions for the baking industry

The fastest cooling method of all: our powerful vacuum coolers ensure greater efficiency in the bakery. The highest standards of hygiene and easy integration into existing control systems are a matter of course.

Directly from the oven, bread is cooled by 60° C within minutes: it doesn't get any faster. The powerful pump draws off the steam. Our vacuum coolers meet the highest hygienic and technical requirements, and they increase productivity in the commercial and industrial production of baked goods. They also ensure optimised space utilisation. We supply standardised vacuum cooling systems, as well as design customised solutions - at no extra charge. We also develop complete solutions - including integration in the line or in existing control systems.

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Custom-made solutions

Vacuum Drying

Medical Technology

We have developed our vacuum drying system especially for medical technology. It guarantees high process reliability for the entire cycle depending on pressure, temperature, gassing, and timing.

In addition, short drying times create significantly higher efficiency than with comparable systems. The system meets strict FDA hygiene requirements. It can also be easily integrated into existing IT networks (Industry 4.0), fully guaranteeing all production data traceability.


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Welding under vacuum

Sensor Technology

A stable vacuum of 10-9 bar: indispensable for manufacturing sensors for calibrating highly sensitive measuring instruments. In the ultra-high vacuum, various production techniques are applied in the smallest space: moving mechanics, welding, gas flushing, and measurement technology.

With many years of experience in vacuum technology, our interdisciplinary approach and profound knowledge of process technology, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, and software development, make Durrer an experienced partner for demanding sensor technology projects.


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Durrer Vacuum Solutions

Vacuum technology is one of Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG’s special fields. A technically generated vacuum is used to perform processes or production steps quicker and more efficiently.

We implement customised solutions and offer you a direct contact for the entire life cycle.

What is a vacuum?

Particularly delicate processes in the industry take place in a vacuum. Put a little more boldly, in a completely empty space. It contains nothing - no gases or particles, no matter how small. This makes a vacuum absolutely pure.

Wherever absolute sterility or constant temperature is required, a vacuum is used. It is hermetically sealed from the outside; no molecules can penetrate it. To create such a space, powerful vacuum pumps are used; for an ultra-high vacuum, even a turbomolecular pump. They ensure the vacuum’s pressure is reduced to almost zero.

Depending on the application, a higher or lower vacuum is required. In practice, there is no absolute vacuum. But, with the help of modern technology, one comes surprisingly close to absolute emptiness.


1 bar

Vacuum cleaner

0.7 bar

Mount Everest

0.3 bar

Package food

0.1 bar

Durrer Vacuum Cooling

0.006 bar

Fine Vacuum

0.001 bar

Durrer Vacuum Drying

0.000'006 bar

High Vacuum

0.000'001 bar

Ultra high vacuum

0.000'000'1 bar

Durrer Vacuum Sensor Technology

0.000'000'001 bar