This machine produces complete date frames in three sizes and mounts them directly around the wall calendar. Available as a stand-alone or inline version within a calendar line. Ideal for wall calendars and three- or multi-month calendars.

Wall calendar, three- or multi-month calendar
Width: 200 - 420 mm, Length: 300 - 1000 mm (with automatic insertion/extraction) from 1000 mm (inline or manual insertion/extraction)
Date Frames
Standard date frames in 3 sizes: S12, S16, S20 (optional date frames on request)
Date frames printing
Tampon printing process 1 and 2 colours, all available tampon colours
Material band and date frames
Soft PVC clear film
Thread material
Elastic thread with elongation 160 %
Operating modes
Inline in calendar line with or without autom. delivery, stand-alone with autom. infeed and delivery
50 - 200 % manpower (depending on operating mode)
max. 2400 units/hour
Changeover times
15 - 60 minutes (format and print colour change)

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