BLOFIX Headboard

Machine for fixing head boards to calendar walls. The machine can fix the header to wall calendars using wire stapling and punch the hanging hole, in high quality and for various formats. Ideal for single-block calendars, multi-block calendars, with or without attached date slider.

Single-block calendar, multi-block calendar, with or without mounted date slider
Calendar formats
length 240 - 1050 mm, width 160 - 420 mm
Formats Headboard
Length 90 - 500 mm, Width 160 - 420 mm
Hot glue for fixing the headboard
For hanging up the calendar (with punching pipe / punching slug remains in the hole)
Stapling device for fixing the headboard (device for gluing, folding and pressing on the headboard is not provided and cannot be upgraded)
Operating modes
Stand-alone with automatic insertion and removal from stack to stack
Operating personnel
100 % manpower
Cycle speed 2,300 units/hour, For calendars from 500 mm length possibly loss of output up to max. 20 %
Changeover time
5 - 20 minutes
Technical data
Dimensions: 4'500 x 5'500 x 2'000 mm (L x W x H), Weight approx. 2'000 kg

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