Wall calendar

The processing of wall calendars is complex - and costly. Our machines and processing lines handle all the steps: fully automatically and absolutely reliably. Of course in all possible formats - and in maximum quality.


Fully automatic processing line for wall calendars

Machine for glueing calendar blocks onto the back of the carton and for attaching head flaps. Punching, creasing, straightening, glueing, stapling, labelling, and delivering are all fully automatic, in high quality and for various formats. Ideal for single-block and multi-block calendars.


BLOFIX Headboard

fully automatic machine for fixing headboards to wall calendars

Machine for fixing head boards to calendar walls. The machine can fix the header to wall calendars using wire stapling and punch the hanging hole, in high quality and for various formats. Ideal for single-block calendars, multi-block calendars, with or without attached date slider.


WIRO 500

one system for all processing steps of the wall calendar production

WIRO 500 was specially designed for the confection of picture wall calendars. In particular, to meet the growing demand for one-offs, individualized small quantities, and specially designed products. Today, there is an increasing need for individuality, and not only for private photo calendars. This also applies to the advertising and promotional gift sector.



Fully automatic machine for applying date slides

This machine produces complete date frames in three sizes and mounts them directly around the wall calendar. Available as a stand-alone or inline version within a calendar line. Ideal for wall calendars and three- or multi-month calendars.