Semi-automatic index cutting machine for all types of handle registers: freely programmable, it can be converted to any known cutting form in no time and is ergonomic and safe to operate. Ideal for catalogues, agendas, documentation, school books, encyclopaedias, address books, and more.

Cover types
hard and soft covers
Format range
max. 420 mm height, min. 80 mm wide
Book thickness
max. 80 mm thickness
Work process
manual loading and unloading
Counting / punching process
Semi-automatic, counting process manual, by print marks
Cut forms
Angle cut, head and foot cut, form cut
Register cutting depth
105 mm (min. 80 mm from spine)
Punching axes
3 axes
Binding types
Processing of all common binding types, looseleaf
Additional benefits as option
Corner rounding, corner perforation
Operating personnel
100% manpower
Changeover/setup times
10 - 30 min. for product and cut form changeover

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