Machine for punching various grip registers. Feeding, straightening, opening, page counting, punching, and stacking - everything is made fully automatic. The menu navigation is simple, and the changeover time short. Ideal for catalogues, books, price lists, advertising brochures, documentation, and more.

Cover types
soft covers (bend open 90°)
Format range
A6 - A4
Book thickness
max. 50 mm thickness
Work process
Fully automatic, from stack to stack
Counting / punching process
Fully automatic, 1 station counting/punching with autom. count control
Cut Types
Angle Cut, Head and Foot Cut, Shape Cut
Register cutting depth
30 mm
Punching axes
3 axes
Binding types
Processing of all common binding types
Additional benefits as an option
Corner rounding, corner perforation, Euro-Arab register
50 - 100% manpower
Changeover/set-up times
5 - 60 min. for product and cutting form changeover

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