Machine for varnishing grip registers of loose and bound products with soft and hardcovers: varnishing with UV varnish, and drying and laying out, everything is fully automatic. Ideal for pocket calendars, agendas, address books, catalogues, advertising brochures, and more.

max. 320 x 250 mm, min. 50 x 50 mm
Book thickness
max. 20 mm, min. 2 mm
Binding types
Processing of all common binding types
UV varnish colours
clear varnish or any colour
Coating consumption
1 kg is sufficient for 4'000 - 10'000 products (depending on format, register width and coating thickness)
Lifetime of UV lamp
approx. 1'000 operating hours
Filter set
approx. 500 operating hours
hard and soft covers
50 - 100 % manpower (depending on product)
max. 800 pieces/hour
Changeover times
15 - 60 minutes (product and colour change)

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