The RM-M is a device for aligning print marks on spot-welded signatures, with a mechanical punching unit. The advantage is that the punching can be integrated into the running production without interruption. The signatures are prepared for further processing steps. Insertion and alignment are carried out manually, and register punching is carried out in a single operation using a foot pedal. Ideal for customer samples and small series.

Material to be processed
PC / polycarbonate, PVC / polyvinyl chloride, PET / polyethylene terephthalate, ABS / acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Set thickness
0.3 - 0.9 mm
Format range
Min 310 x 448 mm, Max 343 x 620 mm
+/-0.2 mm / Manual positioning with micrometer screws via digital laser sensor and LED displays
Cycle speed
approx. 240 clothings/h
Productivity depending on operator and product, manual removal of the clothings, punching slugs are collected in containers
Energy supply
Compressed air 6 bar
Electrical connection
110-230 VAC

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