Security Printing

In security printing no errors are allowed. It's all about small details, absolute accuracy is a must: requirements that all our highly specialised machines meet easily. This is where Durrer's credo is particularly evident: when it comes to quality, we do not allow ourselves to compromise.

KM 1200

Machine for glueing covers and inserts

Processing of passport covers with or without RFID tag: Input of the individual components, lamination, gluing and pressing, optional check of RFID or barcode and output – all fully automatic. Incorrect products will be sorted out.


RM 1300

Machine for punching a round or oblong hole

This machine is used for precise, fully automatic punching of round or oblong holes in prefabricated sets. It is technologically state-of-the-art and meets all current safety requirements for protecting people and the environment.



Module for manual register punching

The RM-M is a device for aligning print marks on spot-welded signatures, with a mechanical punching unit. The advantage is that the punching can be integrated into the running production without interruption. The signatures are prepared for further processing steps. Insertion and alignment are carried out manually, and register punching is carried out in a single operation using a foot pedal. Ideal for customer samples and small series.



Card Punching Machine

The Card Punch Module (CPM) is used to automatically punch laminated signatures cut into strips - without interrupting ongoing production. Punching tools available in sizes ID1, ID2 and ID3. High cutting quality with manual insertion and alignment of the signature strips, punching via foot pedal. Ideal for customer samples and small series.


P-FLEX Passport

Advanced embossing machine for passport envelopes

This version of the machine is specially designed for blind and hot foil stamping of passport envelopes. It processes up to 1800 products per hour in double or triple use - precise and accurate to the millisecond. With a short changeover time, it’s ideal for applying security features to passports or banknotes.



Automatic machine for punching and coding parking tickets

The machine punches and codes tickets from large to small rolls with all common codes. Reel change, labelling and inspection are automatic. The integrated control guarantees 100% error-free, and input and menu navigation are simple and user-friendly.