Digital printing

Our digital printing machines meet the highest demands. They print, number and varnish different materials and formats. The operation is practical, the machines are changed over for new tasks in no time. They are therefore perfectly suited for small print runs, for noble or personalised products. And of course we will gladly set them up according to individual requirements.


Digital edge-colouring machine for industrial production

The printing process runs fully automatically: in stacks, and from four sides. High performance due to a single-pass process. With a short changeover time, it can produce formats 50 x 50 mm to 360 x 360 mm (optionally expandable). Ideal for book blocks, brochures, loose leaf, and more.



Machine for high-quality digital printing

New developed machine for high-quality digital printing of covers for personalisation and finishing, with UV digital printing up to 12 print heads for process colour and white printing, optionally upgraded with varnish. Flexible in processing different materials. Particularly stunning effects are achieved in combination with blind embossing. Ideal for hard and soft book covers, books, boxes, and more.



Semi automatic machine for printing sheet and page numbering

Machine for printing page numbers or sheet numbering in bound products. Counting and printing are automatic, and the changeover time is short. Formats: 100 x 100 mm to 360 x 360 mm. Ideal for cash and receipt books, or booklets for bookkeeping.