Machines that fully automatically assemble different components into a whole: they simplify the processes enormously, saving time and effort. Our assembly machines can be easily set up and changed over in no time. They function reliably, work quickly and accurately. They therefore significantly facilitate your production.


Machine for the confection of sticky notes pads and film marker sets

Fully automatically, adhesive notes and film markers are glued into envelopes with a standard hotmelt adhesive: made up of all the individual parts to form a finished combination set. The result is a high-quality product. Features: short set-up and changeover times, easy operation via touch display, industry 4.0-ready, low maintenance.



Collator of pre-printed content and e.g. advertising pages in loose-leaf stacks

The freely programmable machine processes advertising pages and content sheets. Insertion, counting, optical control, sorting, and delivery are fully automatic. Short changeover time and unlimited program memory make this ideal for making up folder contents with e.g. index sheets.



Fully automatic machine for inserting into planner covers

The machine inserts (single-sided or double-sided) bound products or leporellos into plastic or leather sleeves. Inserting, opening the cover, closing, and delivery: everything is done fully automatic. Ideal for pocket calendars, agendas, and address books.