Modular machine for producing individual plastic comb binders, including processing the book block and fully automatically binding products. It consists of several basic modules and can be extended according to customer requirements. Ideal for agendas, notebooks, operating instructions, and documentation.

Final products
Agendas, address books, exercise books, textbooks, instruction manuals, medical brochures, price lists, advertising brochures, documentation, loose-leaf inserts, timer system, planners, etc.
Raw products Contents
Single sheets, folded sheets, folded planners (Leporello) are processed. Max. 200 x 150 mm untrimmed, max. 180 x 120 mm trimmed, min. 90 x 60 mm trimmed
Raw products thickness
2 mm folded sheets etc., 14 mm block for plastic binding, 24 mm loose-leaf processing
Raw products Covers
Processing of all common cover materials, max. 200 x 150 mm, min. 90 x 60 mm
Raw products binders
length max. 190 mm, min. 85.5 mm, diameter Ø 6 - 18 mm
Raw products PVC film
Supplier: KLÖCKNER PENTAPLAST GmbH & Co. KG, Material designation: PENTADUR BM 180/15, Film thickness: standard 400 mm, Roll dimensions: core diameter roll Ø 200 mm, Running time per roll: approx. 8 hours
200 % manpower (depending on product)
1'800 pieces/hour (cycle output - independent of product thickness)
Changeover time
change of insert: 5 minutes, change of format: 15 - 60 minutes, change to loose-leaf: 1 - 2 hours

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