The machine inserts sheets into book blocks and fixes them with tape, fully automatically. The format adjustment is also carried out automatically in the shortest time. Sizes: 96 x 66 mm to 316 x 216 mm. Ideal for agendas, reference books, specialist books, and more.

Reference books, specialist books, agendas etc.
max. 316 x 216 mm, min. 96 x 66 mm
3 - 25 mm
Where to fix : Inside front cover
Fixing tape paper strips
all tapes from roll / width approx. 15 mm
Fixing tape paper-linen
max. outer diameter 400 mm
Fixing tape linen strips
core diameter approx. 80 mm
Adhesive tape quality
corresponding to 3M SCOTCH
Adhesive Tape Confection
from roll
Adhesive tape width
approx. 15 mm
100 % manpower
max. 1200 pieces/hour
Changeover time
Format change 1 - 5 minutes Fully automatically, job change without interruption fully automatically

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