Book production

Whenever a book, a catalogue, a reference book or an agenda needs to be upgraded, functionally supplemented: we have the right machines for the job. Cutting, fixing, gluing of insert sheets, but also elastic bands or pen loops - all this is done fully automatically and in high quality. We are also one of the leading suppliers in this field.


Fully automatic machine for fixing inserts

The machine inserts sheets into book blocks and fixes them with tape, fully automatically. The format adjustment is also carried out automatically in the shortest time. Sizes: 96 x 66 mm to 316 x 216 mm. Ideal for agendas, reference books, specialist books, and more.



Fully automatic machine for attaching rubber band and pencil loop

ELBA stands for elastic band: this machine provides products with a rubber band and a pin loop - from stack to stack, in one single operation. Automatic reel change and short change-over time, high performance guaranteed. Formats: A4 and A6. Ideal for notebooks, agendas, calendars, and more.



Fully automatic machine for glueing advertising pages

Measuring, opening, counting, cutting, glueing, pasting, checking, and laying out. With this machine, everything is fully automatic and very precise. Single sheets or multiple thin pages can be glued in. Formats: 90 x 60 mm to 316 x 216 mm. Ideal for agendas, specialist books, reference works, and more.



Machine for inserting and glueing sheets of paper

Individual sheets are turned into a ready-glued booklet or brochure, including cover - all fully automatically: collating, glueing, and folding.



Fully automatic processing line for Wire-O bindings

A versatile machine consisting of several primary modules that can be supplemented in various ways according to specific requirements. Optionally as stand-alone or inline version. High output even with thick products, and short changeover times. Ideal for calendars, notebooks, books, and catalogues.



Fully automatic processing line for plastic comb binding

Modular machine for producing individual plastic comb binders, including processing the book block and fully automatically binding products. It consists of several basic modules and can be extended according to customer requirements. Ideal for agendas, notebooks, operating instructions, and documentation.



Fully automatic cutting machine

Machine for the further processing of folded sheets: the folded sheets are collated fully automatically and optionally provided with four, five or six cuts and passed on directly to the following machine. It has short changeover times and formats up to 360 mm x 240 mm, up to a product thickness of 20 cm.