Fully automatic machine to produce and mount date slides onto wall calendars

The MONA produces date slides and mounts them onto wall calendars fully automatically.


  • Customised date frames for advertising

  • Band, date frame and elastic thread are fixedly attached to each other

  • Production of date slide on cardboard strip or back wall

  • 3 years guarantee

Technical information


wall calendars, three- or multiple-month calendars


width: 200 – 420 mm
length: 300 – 1'000 mm
(with automatic feeding/delivery)
from 1'000 mm up
(in-line or hand feeding/delivery only)

Date frame 

standard frame in 3 sizes:
S12, S16 and S20
(custom frame upon request)

Frame print 

pad-printing method, one or two colours
all available colours of pad printing inks

Material band und date frame non-rigid:
transparent PVC film
thread: elastic thread 160 % stretch

Operating mode 

in-line in production line with or without automatic delivery
stand-alone with automatic feeding and delivery

Operator 50 – 200 % manpower
(depending on operating mode)


max. 2'400 pieces/hour

Changeover time

15 – 60 minutes
(to change format and printing ink)

Technical data

4’430 x 1’560 x 2’000 mm (L x W x H)

ca. 2’200 kg