Embossing machine 

The P-FLEX is a versatile embossing machine which is available in two basic versions.

The fully automatic version processes products from pile to pile.

With the manual version, insertion of the products is performed by an operator.

Both machine types can handle all standard products in formats ranging from A6 to A4, whether they be finished or semi-finished products. A consistently high embossing quality can be ensured through the servo-drive assistend embossing process. The machine can be ordered with one or more embossing stations as well as with various other options. These include labelling and the choice between a manual, fully automatic or semi-automatic die exchange system. 


  • Fully automatic die exchange

  • Die preheating

  • Short changeover times

  • Customised dies possible using adapter

  • Processing from pile to pile

  • Embosses onto covers and cased-in products

  • Servo-drive assisted embossing process, range 0.2 - 7.5 tonnes

  • Standard products can be processed automatically

  • 3-year warranty 

Technical information


bound books (glued, Wire-O)
closed products
calendar headboards

Formats books 

height: 140 to 350 mm
width: 80 to 220 mm

closed products up to 10 mm (incl. covers)
open products up to 40 mm (incl. covers) 

Formats covers 

height: 140 to 350 mm 
width: up to 500 mm 

Embossing stations  

Machine model available with one, two or more stations 

Embossing head 

format: A6 or A4
heating unit thermally insulated
temperature range: 20° to 180° C
active air cooling for fast cooling 


dry embossing
hot foil embossing 

Die exchange 

fully automatic


bonded or screwed
customised dies possible using adapter 


automatic application of labels
format 42 x 60 mm 


100 % manpower 


1'200 - 1'800 pieces/hour 

Changeover time  

Order change: 1 - 5 minutes
Format change: 5 - 15 minutes
Product change: 10 - 20 minutes
(e.g. from book to cover) 

Technical data 

6'300 x 3'300 x 2'000 mm (L x W x H)

approx. 6'000 kg