Laboratory paper coating machine 

The D300 Web Coater corresponds with the latest techno- logical standards in the industry. The machine enables the coating process to be reproduced very realistically in the laboratory. The comprehensive setting options allow indi- vidual formulations to the tested and optimised.  

Basic-Module D300 

The basic module includes all the control and drive units to run the machine at speeds of up to 100 m/min. Two high-performance drying units are installed, each fitted with a 5.5 kW hot-air blower, and the controllable infrared radiator with max. 9 kW power supplies the energy for drying. 
A sophisticated roller pull-off system is equipped with a potentiometer so that the optimum web tension can be set. The facility for online identification of coating weight and humidity is available as an option. State-of-the-art electronics allow precise central control of the system. This displays the drive unit, infrared heating elements and the hot air temperature and quantity, which can all be regulated. 


Heating power (infrared & air): 

20 kW

Web speed :

0 - 100 m/min

Air temperature:

0 - 250o C

Air quantity : 

600 - 1600 lt/min 

Roller width: 

30 cm

Roller diameter: 

36 cm 

Module D301: Film press 

The paper is fed through a gap between the rollers, thereby applying the coating colour to the paper. The coating colour has previously been applied to the roller as a “film” by means of the roll squeegee. This film is then transferred from the roller on to the paper as it passes through the gap. The exchangeable rotating bars (engraved & smooth) allow both very fluid and also highly viscous formulations to be applied to the paper by the rubber roller. 


Applied weight: 

1 - 10 g/m

Module D302: Blade & roll squeegee 

More coating colour than is required is transferred on to the paper. The excess is then removed with a blade. This results in an absolutely even surface. The coating weight can be varied by changing the position of the ground blade, the adjustable application pressure and the configurable thickness, thereby achieving even and precise application. 


Applied weight: 

1 - 30 g/m