Semi-automatic machine to cut step indexes

The REMAT is a versatile, semi-automatic index cutting machine. The automatic punching process is freely programmable.


  • Maximised flexibility and operational safety

  • All axes are freely programmable

  • All known cut forms are possible

  • Short changeover times (angular- and form cutting blocks are integrated, simple interchange of cutting knives)

  • Unlimited program memory (PC-interface)

  • Efficient operating process – the knife operates in the cut length instead of the product

  • Ergonomically designed workplace with excellent view of the product and the manufacturing process

  • Thanks to a safely shutter, the hands of the operator are well-protected from harm

  • Low noise emission due to electrical engine

  • 3 years guarantee


Technical information


catalogues, telephone books, promotional brochures, price lists, documentations, encyclopaedias, agendas, address books, exercise books, school books, loose sheets, etc.

Book height

max. 420 mm

Book width

min. 80 mm

Book thickness

max. 80 mm (depending on book width)

Cutting length

max. 350 mm

Cutting depth

angular cut: max. 60 mm
top edge: max. 105 mm
full-cut step: depending on product

Cut forms

angular cut 90°, 110°, 120°

double radius, form cut, thumb cut, U-cut, step cut, diagonal cut, corner rounding, corner perforation

Binding category

all standard binding types


hard- and softcover


100 % manpower

Max. cycles

130 cycles/min. with angular cut
150 cycles/min. with form cut

Changeover time

10 – 30 minutes (to change product and cut form)

Technical data

dimensions (without control unit):
1’750 x 1’106 x 1’300 mm (L x W x H)

ca. 850 kg