Automatic machine to cut step indexes

The REGA 3 can handle soft- and hardcover products in the format range up to 350 x 350 mm. All the usual tab shapes can be cut.


  • Processing of hard- and softcover products

  • Formats up to 350 x 350 mm (A4 landscape)

  • Loose-sheet processing

  • Cut quality does not depend on the operators

  • Simple input by menu structure at the terminal

  • Automatic cutting- and counting process

  • Sheet number and cut length individually programmable for each cut

  • Automatic count check

  • Processsing of paper weight upwards 30 g/m2

  • Book thickness up to max. 60 mm

  • Cutting length up to 350 mm

  • Processing of single or multiple products

  • 3 years guarantee

Technical information


agendas, address books, catalogues, books, brochures, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, telephone books,  reference books, etc.


max. 350 x 350 mm
min. 120 x 100 mm

Book thickness

max. 60 mm

Cut form

angular and form cut (thumb and U-cut),
corner rounding, corner perforation

Cut depth

max. 40 mm (angular cut)
Full cut 105 mm


European / Arabic indexes
double and multiple indexes, step cut

Binding category

all standard binding types, loose sheets


paperback and hardcover


80 - 100 % manpower (depending on product)


100 - 1‘500 pieces/h (multiple use)

Changeover time

5 - 60 minutes (to change product and cut form)

Technical data

4‘400 x 2‘200 x 2‘000 mm (L x W x H)

ca. 2‘700 kg