Semi automatic machine to print step indexes

The REDRU is a flexible and efficient semi automatic machine to print stepped indexes.


  • The printing technology fulfils a high standard – as to be used in the fully automatic index cutting machines.

  • The printing tools of all Durrer automatic machines can be set in.

  • The REDRU is very versatile.

  • The REDRU processes products of all different index cutting machines.

  • It is possible to print European and Arabic indexes.

  • 3 years guarantee


Technical information


catalogues, telephone books, promotional brochure, price lists, documentation, encyclopaedias, agendas, address books, exercise books, school books, loose sheets etc.

Book height

90 – 350 mm

Book width

min. 60 mm

Book thickness

max. 80 mm

Index height

max. 20 mm

Printing zone

max. 30 mm


letters and words

Printing colours

one- or two-coloured

Binding category

all standard binding sorts and loose-sheets products


hard and soft cover


100 % manpower

Max. cycles

600 cycles/hour

Change-over time

10 – 30 min

Technical data

ca. 1’000 x 1’000 x 1’700 mm (L x W x H)

ca. 250 kg