Collator for promotional pages 

The ZUSA is a versatile, fully automatic collator to insert promotional pages into loose-sheet blocks. The working process is freely programmable. 


  • Processing of multiple promotional pages or thick book blocks possible with multiple cycles

  • Different number of pages per bock block programmable

  • Continuous working process

  • Optical control of block and promotional pages

  • Delivery in pile, single or multiple delivery with dislocation

  • Short changeover times

  • Unlimited program memory (PC-interface)

  • Low noise emission due to electrical engine

  • 3 years guarantee 

Technical information


catalogues, promotional brochures, price lists, documentations, agendas, address books, school books, loose sheets, etc. 


A4: 320 x 220 mm
A6: 140 x 80 mm

Stacking height  

Feeding book block: max. 100 mm
Feeding promotional pages: max. 40 mm
Delivery finished product: max. 120 mm 


100 % manpower  


max. 40 - 50 cycles/minute
1 cyle = 1 promotional page + 1 book block
(max. 15 sheets per cycle) 

Changeover time 

5 - 15 minutes 

Technical data 

3'070 x 1'220 x 2'000 mm (L x W x H)

ca. 720 kg