WIRO 500: The future of the wall calendar production


Fully automatic solution from Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG

Classic wall calendars continue to enjoy great popularity. However, the demands have changed. Today, short runs, one-offs or individualized prints are in demand. With the newly developed WIRO 500 concept, Durrer presents for the first time a fully automatic solution that meets these requirements.

Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG is a Swiss family company. It is characterized by its innovative spirit and technical sophistication. For several decades, it has been a world leader in the field of printing and print finishing. Characteristics of its special machines are the high quality and the focus on individual customer needs. Durrer is known for outstanding service, which helps its machines to last a long time.

Specialist for fully automatic solutions
The confection of wall calendars of all kinds is one of Durrer's specialties. The BLOFIX processing line and the MONA machine have been used successfully in various companies for many years - as stand-alone machines or in line. Depending on requirements, the confection also includes the fully automatic application of date sliders.

Demand for wall calendars is high
This is an advantage that also applies to the brand new concept. WIRO 500 was specially designed for the confection of picture wall calendars. In particular to meet the growing demand for one-offs, individualized small quantities and specially designed products. Today, there is an increasing need for individuality, and not only for private photo calendars. This also applies to the advertising and promotional gift sector.

Closing a gap in the product range
The fully automatic WIRO 500 processing line consists of three components. It handles all production steps, fully automatically: from digital printing to 4-cutting and on to comb or spiral binding and packaging, all in one production line. This is a novelty that has never before been offered by any machine manufacturer. Durrer is thus filling a gap that has existed for some time.

For more efficient processes
Until now, the production of individual wall calendars was carried out in several separate processes. WIRO 500 ensures significantly more efficiency, personnel savings of around 50 percent and thus a considerable reduction in production costs. The investment therefore pays for itself very quickly. And the modular design enables a customer-specific layout, depending on the desired calendar design (from simple to highly complex), format and binding. In addition to wall calendars, WIRO 500 can also be used to produce photo books, book and desk calendars, and booklets (also with wire stitch binding).

A. Upstream production process: digital printing machine

B. WIRO 500 binding machine
1. takeover
2. 4-cutting
3. back cover feeding
4. cover sheet feeding
5. binding punching with thumb punching
6. comb wire feeding
7. WIRO binding incl. hanger
8. delivery single, in stack or shingled

C. Packaging line: Packaging machine

One line for all processing steps
The processing line comprises three main groups. The upstream production process consists of a digital printing machine. It prints the sheets for wall calendars, as individual items or in short runs, in high quality and, if required, with personalization and other individual features. At its heart is the fully automatic WIRO 500 binding machine, which takes care of all the processing steps: accepting the printed picture or calendar sheets, 4-cutting, feeding the cardboard back cover and a (clear) cover sheet, binding hole punching with thumb punching, feeding the comb wire, and WIRO binding including hangers and delivery (individually, in a stack, or shingled). Then it's straight to the third and final main group: the packaging line. Here the calendars are shrink-wrapped, carton-packed and labeled.

Flexible and efficient
WIRO 500 produces wall calendars in all common formats. If required, it attaches a head flap or head fold and a trailer. Two people are needed to operate the entire line. Depending on the product and the mode of operation, the maximum cycle rate is 2400 pieces per hour. In addition to comb wire binding, the machine can also be converted to spiral binding. The changeover is largely automatic.

Geared to customer needs
The WIRO 500 concept is used in four different operating modes: 1. in-line with upstream digital printing process or a gathering machine on pallet. 2. from pallet in-line with packaging line including shrink-wrapping, carton packing, personalization and labeling. 3. stand-alone, from pallet to pallet. Or 4. as complete production line (to be seen as concept / working principle). The Durrer company is happy to respond to customer requests. Together with the customer, an individual fully or semi-automatic solution is developed on request. High-quality technical advice is, of course, part of the service.

Requests for appointments are welcome.