New Business Prize Winner: Sergio Tresch


From a Durrer trainee to the current winner of the New Business Award: Sergio Tresch. In 2007, Sergio began his polymechanics apprenticeship at Durrer, and he successfully completed it in 2011. He was already then a great technician.


Today, he is co-founder of AureusDrive GmbH. Motivating commuters to switch to a more ecological alternative is the main focus of the 11-person company, an e-bike manufacturer that offers fast and low-priced e-bikes. The company is currently booming and has already sold well over 600 e-bikes this year. Now the success and ambition have been rewarded: New Business Award with an award of 10,000 Swiss francs. The company is planning to use this award money as start-up capital for its EU expansion. The Durrer team congratulates on the success!

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