From the heart of Switzerland to the whole world.

At Durrer, we get into top form when things become really complex. Then we search until we find the perfect solution. We develop, design, deliver - all in-house.

We are also there for you afterwards: maintenance, support, upgrades. All according to the highest Swiss quality standards. Since 1949.

Unique special machines

Our special machines are unique, each one of them. We develop them just for you and for exactly what you want to do with them.

We love the challenge

Do you have a very specific idea in mind? A task for which no machine exists yet? Then challenge us. As soon as it gets complex, really tricky, our engineers and specialists are in top form. Then they tinker until the perfect solution is found. Their experience, their enormous know-how - and the joy of technological sophistication help them to do so.

Everything from one source

We analyse your situation, your needs. We develop, design, deliver. We are also there for you afterwards: maintenance, support, upgrades. This makes us efficient, our solutions well thought-out and your investment valuable in the long term – these are demands that have shaped our family business since its foundation in 1949. They guarantee reliable high quality. And they are passed on from generation to generation.

The Durrer-Team:

Team "Mechanical and electronic development"

  +41 41 854 42 52

New special machines and optimised spare parts for existing machines are produced here: we always find a solution according to the ideas and requirements of the customers. We design, draw, test different variants, new technologies, use our great experience: in mechanical development and in electronic development, where the right software makes the machines work.

Team "Manufacturing"

  +41 41 854 42 63

Turning, milling, drilling - all machining processes are carried out in-house. The same applies to surface treatments.

Team "Assembly"

  +41 41 854 42 23

The manufactured individual parts are put together in the assembly department: to form new machines or assemblies for existing machines. At Durrer Spezialmaschinen we do practically everything ourselves: from the manufacture of the smallest individual part to the moment when the machine is on the ramp ready for acceptance.

Team "Support and customer service"

  +41 41 854 40 60

Initial contacts are made via the customer service. But even after that, we always stay in touch with our customers, usually for years or decades, and are always there for them. Our customer advisors forward enquiries to the appropriate department. Or they know how to give advice themselves - they also have a technical background. It is important that customer service always keeps an overview and ensures that the customer is helped in an uncomplicated manner. To achieve this, we organise service, the right spare parts, delivery - and everything else: quickly and efficiently.

Team "Vacuum Cooling"

  +41 41 854 42 05

We have been developing and manufacturing vacuum cooling systems for a third-party supplier for years. All of our experience - and our concentrated know-how as a specialist for vacuum technology in general - is contained in our new vacuum cooler.

Ludwig Durrer

CEO / Head of VCS

  +41 41 854 42 05

«When it comes to the quality and durability of our machines, we know no compromise. Swissness is not just a buzzword, it is our honest promise.»

With the company since: 1993



Bernadette Reichlin-Durrer

CFO / President of the Board

  +41 41 854 42 20

«Mutual respect is a matter of course for us. This applies to customer relationships as well as to the way we deal with each other in the team and with our employees.»

With the company since: 1982


Norbert Ott

CSO / Head of sales department

  +41 41 854 42 10

«We use our comprehensive know-how and vast experience to reliably deliver sustainable solutions. But also to develop ingenious, surprising innovations time and again.»

With the company since: 1983


André Becker

COO / Head of Production

  +41 41 854 42 23

«We produce as many parts as possible by ourselves. This makes us independent and guarantees consistently high quality.»


Patrick Suter

CTO / Head of Development

  +41 41 854 42 52

«We design, conceive the individual parts of the machine and then we use the software to breathe life into the machine.»

Réne Küttel

Head of Customer Service / After Sales

  +41 41 854 42 75

«Our top priority is customer satisfaction. The customer should know that we find a solution for every problem.»

André Greissinger

Sales Manager

  +41 41 854 42 11



Nicola Ritzmann

Head of Mechanical Development

  +41 41 854 42 71



Silvia Matter

Head of Purchase Production

  +41 41 854 42 62



Dorian Ritzmann

Head of Mechanical Production

  +41 41 854 42 63



Sandra Lischer

Purchase Processing

  +41 41 854 42 31



Kamil Poplawski

Executive Assistant / Administration & Marketing

  +41 41 854 42 22 / marketing (at) durrer (dot) com