TPC: Hub platform for Swiss Television SRF

Since 2005, 10vor10 and Tagesschau presenters have been in the studio. On screen, they all appear to be the same size, thanks to Durrer's infinitely electrically adjustable lifting platform.

Our client: Swiss Television, TPC production company. The assignment: Developing and producing a lifting platform on which the presenters of the news programmes on SRF stand so that they can be put into perspective. The solution: a platform measuring 60 by 90 centimetres.


It can be sunk 15 centimetres into the ground and can extend 15 centimetres beyond it. The adjustment is electronic and noiseless. The height setting is permanently programmed for each presenter and can be called at the touch of a button. Fine adjustment is carried out by hand.

The system carries up to 200 kilograms and is absolutely safe - even in the event of a power failure. Two copies were produced: one for each of the two studios.