Studienprojekt: Mechanischer Aufbau für 3D-Drucker

Whenever possible, we support students from the surrounding universities in their projects. The result of one such project is a 3D printer whose printing time is 50 percent shorter compared to a conventional model.

The motivation for the project was clear: It is the long printing time for detailed models in additive manufacturing. The goal was therefore to develop a printer that prints half as long while maintaining the same accuracy. A market analysis showed that, to date, no device met this requirement. So, students Yannick Krabben and Samuel Durrer developed their own printer in accordance with VDI Guideline 222. It allows to apply three different filaments to three different nozzles. Thanks to the rotary drive, the print head allows a free choice between different materials and nozzle diameters. This ensures maximum precision and stability. In addition, filling structures or inner walls can be printed with a large nozzle. The prototype of the new printer is thus significantly more flexible than comparable products on the market - and about twice as fast.


Durrer provided the students with premises, materials, and machinery. We are always pleased to support and accompany such projects. At the same time, we see this as an investment in young professionals for our industry.