RUAG: Tripod for laser measuring device - bonding instead of welding

Durrer received the order to manufacture a tripod according to existing plans. Instead of reproducing the current model, we suggested a redesign. The customer was immediately convinced by the redesign’s advantages. OPATS (Object Position and Tracking System) is a laser-based positioning system for moving objects, including unmanned drones. This system includes a tripod on which a laser measuring device is mounted. The system provider RUAG was looking for a new supplier for this.


After studying the drawings, we proposed a complete redesign: instead of welding seams, adhesive bonds were to hold the parts together. The advantages: thermal load on the material was eliminated. Manufacturing costs are also lower due to complete in-house production. The quality is at least as good as with the old product, and the customer was quickly convinced. We worked together with the adhesives supplier Loctite to implement the project.

After a series of breakage tests, we found a suitable adhesive. Shortly afterwards, Durrer presented the results in an FAI (First Article Inspection) test. RUAG was very satisfied, and Durrer received the order for series production.