MTE Engineering AG: Development and production of a delaboration device

It is about the automated dismantling of detonators. The concept stood. Durrer was awarded the contract for the development of electronics and software and for mechanical engineering. The MTE Engineering AG is an engineering office for mechanical engineering in Lucerne. With RUAG Ammotec, MTE developed a concept for automatically dismantling detonators at head ends. In the first step, the system drills open the locking screw; then the cover is unscrewed.


Insertion and removal are carried out manually. In a detailed project meeting, responsibilities were clarified and a comprehensive specification sheet was drawn up. Our tasks included electrical and system development, programming the software, preparing the parts lists, material procurement, mechanical production, and assembling and commissioning at the end customer.

Thanks to local partners, a continuous exchange of information, and flexible production, the project was implemented on time and within budget.