Lichtenstein: Dichtheitsprüfung von Lebensmittelverpackung

The client is a company from the food industry. They would like to test its packaged products for leaks. Durrer was commissioned to develop a corresponding machine.

The project is still at the concept stage, and implementation is still open. So far, Durrer has analysed the initial situation in detail and optimized it to the quantity structure of the product portfolio. The aim is to develop a system that efficiently tests food packaging for one hundred percent leak tightness. The products that are found to be good are stacked in boxes, and the unsatisfactory products are ejected for a precise analysis of the causes - all this is done fully automatically.


Durrer's tasks include the development of the robotics for product handling and stacking, the conveyor technology, the software, and the mechanics, as well as the integration of all components into the overall system. The contract also includes commissioning, staff training at the customer's premises and after-sales support.