LDS Church: Efficient book finishing

Finishing the Bibles in the print shop of the LDS Church in Salt Lake City has always been very time-consuming. Thanks to the Durrer machines REBIB and KLEBIB, the process has become much more efficient.

The books are provided with a cave-cut handle register. For a long time, the two steps on the finished printed copies were done purely by hand: inserting an etiquette to designate the handle and punching the cave handle. This was very time-consuming. In addition, it has become increasingly difficult to find good staff who could guarantee a high output with consistent quality. The customer therefore wanted to make the process more efficient. The solution: three REBIB and three KLEBIB machines.

Durrer supplied the machines, commissioned them on site and trained the staff. We are also responsible for support. The customer is very satisfied with the result: Productivity was doubled to quadrupled, depending on the product - and this with consistently high quality.