Johnson & Johnson: Vacuum drying system for medical products

The customer's requirements were high: a vacuum dryer with a short throughput time that can be integrated into the existing IT network and complies with FDA guidelines - no problem for us. On a standard system, a vacuum drying process takes about 24 hours. The customer wanted to reduce this time by 60%. As no existing system is as efficient, as the general contractor, Durrer was commissioned to develop and build one.


After a thorough process and document analysis, we evaluated and procured the appropriate components and systems. These included precise vacuum gauges, high-quality valves and powerful vacuum pumps. Production took place in the Durrer assembly hall. The system consists of two separate vacuum chambers which can be flooded with nitrogen, as well as heating elements for process acceleration.

Since traceability of the process data must always be guaranteed, the plant can be integrated into the customer's IT network. The customer was impressed by the system’s quality, design, and user-friendliness.