Inficon AG: Equipment for soldering sensor elements

The precise soldering process of the wires of sensor elements takes place under a reference vacuum. Durrer developed a system that monitors and automatically controls the process.

The "SPUTNIK" system developed by Durrer generates a reference vacuum for the sensors and heats them to the necessary soldering temperature - by means of a temperature ramp and vacuum monitoring. During the process, two wires are soldered on and the opening to the reference vacuum is closed. Exactly the right pressure is generated in a specified time, monitored, and maintained throughout the process. If necessary, it is adjusted during the heating and soldering process. The temperature remains consistently homogeneous.


The system is integrated into a frame made of aluminium profile. It serves as a platform for the recipient with turbopump, backing pump and electronic insert. The recipient is made of stainless steel and is electropolished on the inside. During loading and unloading, the loading form is exchanged as a whole.