India: Production line for reusable sanitary towels

A company produces reusable, washable sanitary towels for women who do not have access to safe hygiene products. The production in India is to be partially automated.

Required was a machine that would meet the demanding framework conditions. The new machine is to bring semi-finished products onto a carrier material and weld them together. The output required is 3600 products per hour. The customer opted for a concept with several machines. This allows greater flexibility with a staggered investment and less complexity of the machine technology and operation.


Since the system is mainly used in developing countries and in high humidity, it must be easy to operate, simple to maintain and operate, and very corrosion resistant. All this with uncompromising Swissness quality. It must also be CE-compliant.

The system carries out the following production steps: The carrier tape is fed from the roll, as is the cushion. This is applied to the carrier tape and welded to it. The bandages are cut to size, the ends are folded over and welded. Finally, the products are laid out in a stack. The entire process is fully automatic.