Bisang Schreinerei AG: Linear drive for height-adjustable kitchen table

Adjusting the height of a table is actually no big deal - unless the tabletop weighs 350 kilograms. No conventional drive technology can do this. We developed an exceptional solution. Durrer took over the development, design, and complete construction of the control technology. In addition to performance, other challenges occurred, such as safety, which had to meet the requirements in the living area. Then there was the design - the table is located in a kitchen and should fit in well visually.


In addition, the drive should be low-noise and infinitely variable - the solution: three linear drives suitable for industrial use, which would operate via a push button. After a test setup in the Durrer assembly hall, the table was assembled and commissioned on site.

It is now standing in the middle of a kitchen landscape in a manor house directly on Lake Lucerne. And yes, it looks great.