Besi: precision parts and components for chip bonder machines

Durrer developed high-precision parts in close cooperation with the customer. Manufacturing, assembly and recorded quality inspection are all in our hands. Besi is the global market leader for chip assembly machines. Durrer supported the company in the development of precision parts and components for a new generation of chip bonder machines and in the optimisation and standardisation of production processes. Speed and accuracy set new standards in this field.


We achieved this with clamping devices developed in-house and our profound manufacturing know-how. The procedure we have developed is also efficient and cost-saving because it does not require any additional grinding operation.

The top priority is always precision: the tolerance of the 1400 mm long production parts is in the range of max. 1/100 mm per 300 mm in the fully assembled state. Today, Durrer works for Besi as a prototype and pilot series manufacturer.