For decades, we have specialized in machines for the graphic industry. Today, we are a market leader in vacuum technology for the medical and bakery industry.

Our experience and innovative spirit are valuable in developing all kinds of distinct machines.

All our developments have two things in common: increased efficiency and performance for our customers. Our solutions are precisely tailored to customer requirements. Investments in Durrer machines also pay off in the long-run – guaranteed.

Family business since 1949.

We are somewhat proud of our history. It all started very small, in a humble village between the Rigi mountain and Lake Lucerne.

Today, our machines are in use all over the world.

Electric workshop in Küssnacht.

Durrer Spezialmaschinenbau AG looks back on a long history. It was a long way from the small electrical workshop of brothers Franz and Klaus Durrer in Küssnacht to a globally active industrial company.

Franz and his wife, Trudy Durrer-Kistler, then laid the foundation stone for today's Spezialmaschinen AG. In 1958, they founded the workshop for electromechanics and development and moved into their own business premises.

The second generation.

The company grew slowly but steadily. In 1980, there were 13 employees; in 1985, 20. And in 1989, the sole proprietorship Franz Durrer became Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG. When the second generation, Bernadette Reichlin-Durrer and Ludwig Durrer, took over management of the company, it had 35 employees.

That was in 1995, and in 2000, the company took over additional premises in the newly opened "Zentrum Hohle Gasse" in Immensee. With 55 employees, the old location had become too small.

Corporate DNA.

Despite all awareness of tradition, the company has always looked to the future. The joy of innovation and the urge for further development lie in the company’s DNA. Permanent growth ultimately led to the company moving to Immensee in 2018. Here, we continue to provide our employees with exciting jobs.

We offer our apprentices an ideal start to their professional life, and to all employees an environment in which work is enjoyable. Together, we are shaping the future of Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG.

Company's history

Our milestones are what make us so proud. Here is the complete history of our traditional and innovative company.


Franz and Klaus Durrer establish the company "Gebrüder Durrer" in their parents' laundry room (repair of small devices).

And by the way: The People's Republic of China was founded on the same day.


When the voltage of the Swiss power grid was adapted from 500 to 380 volts in the 1950s, the company developed the winding machines necessary for the conversion. Picture: First prototype of an armature winding machine and start of its production.


Relocation to the specially built business premises on Grepperstrasse in Küssnacht - with four employees.


Business-shaping wedding:
Franz Durrer marries Gertrud Kistler.


Two independent individual companies are created:
Franz and Trudy Durrer-Kistler found "Durrer Spezialmaschinen", Klaus and Monika Durrer-Kistler found "Durrer Elektrowicklerei."


Durrer Spezialmaschinen moves into its own business premises on the Seemattweg in Küssnacht.


A leap in development takes place in drive and control technology.


New extension at the Seemattweg in Küssnacht, with 1400m2 area - now 13 employees.


Bernadette Reichlin-Durrer, the company founder’s daughter, joins the company.


With 20 employees, mechanical engineering for the international market begins.


Transformation of the company into
Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG.


Investments are made in new production technology:

There are now 24 employees.


Ludwig Durrer, the company founder’s son, joins the company. Franz and Trudy Durrer-Kistler retire from working life. Ludwig Durrer and Bernadette Reichlin-Durrer take over the majority of shares. There are now 35 employees.


Consolidation in the Graphic Machines division - the international market presence is launched.


Move to additional premises (1800 m2) in the business centre, Hohle Gasse, in Immensee. A total of 50 employees.

Diversification: the medical technology
and automotive industries are added.


Company anniversary with over 200 invited guests:
60 years of Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG.

Norbert Ott joins the company as a shareholder.


The vacuum technology division is established.
Industry 4.0 enters the automation field.


Consolidation of the locations in the
business centre "Hohle Gasse" in Immensee.

The premises cover a total of 4600 m2.


Diversification in the graphic arts industry:
digital printing and security printing are added.


The course for the future has been set: Ludwig Durrer became the sole shareholder. In the person of Samuel Durrer, Ludwig Durrer's son, the next generation is already part of the company. Bernadette Reichlin-Durrer remains with the company as a consultant, Norbert Ott as Head of Sales.


60 employees work for customers all over the world and in various industries.

Durrer - Yes, that's who we are!

Unique special machines.

Every one of our special machines is unique.

We develop them just for you and your exact requirements. From conception to commissioning and beyond, plus special machines for highly individual tasks.

Whatever your requirements, we find the solution.

We love the challenge.

Do you have a particular idea in mind? A task for which no machine exists yet? Then challenge us. As soon as it becomes complex, our engineers and specialists are in top form. They then tinker until the perfect solution is found.

Their experience, extensive know-how, and the joy of technological sophistication help them to do so.

Everything from one source.

e analyse your situation and your needs. We develop, design, and deliver. We are also there for you afterwards: maintenance, support, and upgrades. This makes us efficient, our solutions well-thought-out, and your investment valuable in the long-term – these are demands that have shaped our family business since its foundation in 1949.

They guarantee reliable high quality, and they are passed on from generation to generation.

The company in figures

Company foundation: 1949

Employees: 60

Apprenticeship positions: 6 to 8

Plant area: 4600 m²

CAD drawings made annually: approx. 3300

Electric cables laid annually: 4560 meters

Machines serviced by us worldwide: 750

Raw materials processed per year: 25.5 tons of steel, 14 tons of aluminum

Father and son on the board of management

Family tradition in the 3rd generation.

Yes, we are a family-run organisation.

Sister and brother in the management: yes, we're a real family business. Decisions are made democratically throughout the Executive Board, with the Board of Directors and divisional management according to our values and mutual respect.

With Samuel Durrer, Ludwig Durrer's son, the next generation is already part of the company. As a mechanical engineer, he has the training and the skills to be a suitable successor.

Entrepreneurship at heart.

Bernadette Reichlin-Durrer and Ludwig Durrer absorbed the entrepreneurial spirit at the family table from an early age.

The company has always been a topic of discussion when sitting together. However, the siblings initially went their own ways. Gender played no part in this: they were both encouraged in their abilities and interests. And yet, it soon became clear that their professional future lays in their own family business.

Bernadette joined the company in 1982. Ludwig followed in 1993. Since 2021, Ludwig Durrer is the sole shareholder of Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG. He has taken over the company shares of his sister Bernadette Reichlin-Durrer and long-time co-shareholder Norbert Ott. Both have also left the Administrative Board. The changes were resolved by mutual agreement and in the sense of an optimal succession plan.

Company with team spirit.

The joint takeover of the business in 1995 was apparent. The division of tasks, too, due to her training path: Bernadette Reichlin-Durrer is responsible for commercial, organizational and financial matters, and Ludwig Durrer for the technical area.

It was also clear that someone from outside the family would complete the management, added by a Board of Directors with a wealth of experience and specialist know-how.

Today, decisions are made democratically - entirely in the interests of the company and far-sighted planning. And indeed, disagreement rarely occurs.

In one location.

A unique feature of our company is that we work together closely, and distances are short.

This makes us efficient, as we can combine know-how and experience. It also makes our tailor-made solutions and prompt service possible.


Swiss made machinery & service solutions. Since 1949.

Our teams

Mechanical and electrical development

The "tinkerers and developers".

New, special machines and optimised spare parts for existing machines are produced here: we always find a solution according to our customer’s ideas and requirements. We design, draw and test different variants and new technologies using our great experience in mechanical and electronic development, where the right software makes the machines work.


The "all-rounders".

In the production department, we turn, mill and drill - all machining processes are carried out in-house. The surface treatments that we can order from our long-term partners from the surrounding area are also part of this.


The "assemblers and wire connectors".

The individual manufactured parts are put together in the assembly department to form new machines or assemblies for existing machines. At Durrer Spezialmaschinen, we practically do everything ourselves: from manufacturing the smallest individual part to the moment when the machine is on the ramp ready to be signed off.

After-sales and customer service

The "troubleshooters".

Initial contacts are made via our customer service. But even after that, we always stay in touch with our customers, usually for years or decades, and are always there for them. Our customer advisors forward enquiries to the appropriate department or offer advice themselves - they also have a technical background. It is important that customer service always keeps an overview and ensures that the customer is helped in an uncomplicated manner. To achieve this, we organise service, the right spare parts, delivery, and everything in between quickly and efficiently.

Sales Department

The "Project Managers"

In sales, close cooperation with the development department is particularly important. This is because feasibility and cost framework, as well as possible implementation, must be analysed in detail at a very early stage of a new project. This is the only way we can advise customers professionally from the very beginning without raising false expectations.

Vacuum cooling

The "specialists".

We have been developing and manufacturing vacuum cooling systems for third-party suppliers for a number of years. Our vacuum cooler showcases our experience and concentrated know-how as a specialist for vacuum technology.


The "Internists".

The continuous collaboration between all departments makes our company special. Even in administration, the exchange is permanent and intensive. After all, satisfied customers and long-term business relationships are just as important to us.

By our side for support:
Our Administrative Board.

«Curiosity and openness to new technological developments are in our DNA. In this way, we ensure that, as a company with a long history, we also have a successful future ahead of us.»

Ludwig Durrer, Sven Spitznagel and Matthias Weibel



CEO / Administrative board

«When it comes to the quality and durability of our machines, we know no compromise. Swissness is not just a buzzword; it is our honest promise.»

In the company since: 1993



«Flexibility is one of our major advantages: Finally, we want solutions to fulfil the requirements of our customers at all times.»

In the company since: 2021



«We use our comprehensive know-how and vast experience to reliably deliver sustainable solutions. But also to develop ingenious, surprising innovations time and again.»

In the company since: 1983



«We supply our customers with custom-made machines which make all of them more efficient and more successful. And that in the long term. That's why we offer a three-year warranty as a matter of principle.»

In the company since: 2007



«We are there for our customers as a service provider for many years, or even decades, after the delivery. And the partnerships formed through this mean a great deal to us.»

In the company since: 2007


Project Manager

"We focus on the highest quality and reliability to provide our customers with optimal performance and efficiency."

In the company since: 2019

Heads of Department

Dorian Ritzmann

Head of mechanical production

Nicola Ritzmann

Head of mechanical Development

Specialists of vacuum cooling

René Hunziker

Sales vacuum cooling

Bruno Stierli

Sales vacuum cooling


Sandra Lischer


André Greissinger

Sales Manager

René Küttel

Head of Customer Care / After Sales

Silvia Matter

Head of procurement of mechanical production

External members of the Administrative Board

Sven Spitznagel

Weibel Matthias

Our project partner.

This is what our partners say about Durrer and our cooperation:

I would recommend Durrer to anyone who needs a competent partner in mechanical manufacturing and engineering.

Reto Schenkel
Primelco Visual Data AG

No matter what the problem is, finding a solution with Durrer employees is always a pleasure.

Robert Urech
Beckhoff Automation AG

It is always impressive to see the dedication with which Durrer employees tackle each new assignment.

Femi Keller
Tisel Lackiertechnik AG

We are always impressed by the short decision-making processes at Durrer. This effectively shortens time-to-market.

Peter Knöpfli
Festo AG

With Durrer, problems are discussed, and solutions are sought.

Pirmin Achermann

Durrer is trusting. We can rely on their word 100%, no matter what happens.

Leon Li
Beijing Taike Zhengtong Technology and Trade Co.,Ltd / China

Durrer develops and produces products with sustainable value and quality in Central Switzerland. As a design service provider, we have been involved many projects. I really enjoy the transparency and efficiency. The team spirit is always solid, not least because of the flat hierarchies.

Dominic Spiess
Formfabrik AG

Our commitment.

As a proud family business, we take responsibility beyond our own organisation. We are happy to contribute to society, and we are committed to values that are important to us.

Company with heart.

Our commitment is multifaceted. It starts with the conscious promotion of a positive working atmosphere and in training apprentices, through which we want to contribute to the professional and social integration of young people.

We support organisations that promote a balance between family and career, as well as cultural institutions that are close to our hearts.

We do all this with joy and out of conviction, corresponding to our self-image as a successful, regionally based company.

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Memberships, networking and Swissness.

We maintain an extensive network and are involved in trade associations and industry organisations. In this way, we stand up for our interests and joint advancement.


Among others, we are members of:

Strengthening Swiss values.

We are a company with strong roots in Central Switzerland. Classic Swiss values, such as reliability and quality, are close to our heart - we live them every day, as shown by our Swiss Label membership.

It stands for the promotion of these values and of companies that represent them. In this way, we stand up for Switzerland as a business location and workplace. The crossbow - the symbol of Swiss Label - embodies Swissness.

As a company located right next to the Hohle Gasse, it is a perfect fit: according to the legend of William Tell, it was here that the bailiff Gessler was shot dead with a crossbow.

Sharing strengths.

We are members of various local, regional, and national associations and organisations.

Here, we maintain valuable contacts, support each other, and work for an innovative economy. As a company from the heart of Switzerland with strong local roots, Swissness and associated quality requirements and expectations are important to us.

We also value partnership-based connections within the regional economy and our industry.