What we do

There are machines that do not exist. That's why we develop them. From conception to commissioning and beyond: special machines for highly individual tasks. Whatever your requirements are, we will find the solution.

All our developments have some things in common: they increase efficiency and performance for our customers.

They are precisely tailored to customer requirements. And: investments in Durrer machines pay off in the long run - guaranteed.



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Key Areas

It is still big: the automation potential in the graphic arts industry. And therefore also the possibilities for simplifying production steps, making them more efficient.

This is exactly where we come in. Our machines punch, sort, bind, number, print, varnish and assemble - reliably, accurately, fully or semi-automatically.

Whatever your requirements are: We develop the special machine that optimizes your processes - also thanks to our experience and know-how in paper finishing.


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Solutions for the industry

Our knowledge of vacuum technology and related applications is extensive. It is based on years of experience.

Today, we develop efficient, reliable systems for the most diverse needs. From the bakery industry to the medical technology sector, customers all over the world rely on Durrer Vacuum Solutions with great success.

Whatever your requirements: we develop the tailor-made, reliable solution - including services over the entire life cycle.



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Durrer‘s Production break

We make holidays

Our production will be closed from 19.12.2020 until 10.01.2021.

You can still contact us by phone and e-mail except from 24.12.20 to 03.01.21.

To a healthy, happy and peaceful new year!

National and Statutory Representatives at Durrer

14. October 2020

Swissmem maintains an intensive dialogue with the members of the Swiss parliament. This includes ensuring that industry-related national and state bodies are given the opportunity to gain an insight into local companies.

We were able to give the parliamentarians a direct insight into a traditional and innovative Swiss industrial company.

This visit will strengthen the bond between the parliamentarians and Swiss industry. The owners of Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG also hope for a greater understanding and increased assertiveness for the political concerns of the entire industry.

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"GETTER TOOL" in the production phase

System for the production of vacuum sensors

Did you know what is a getter? No? Here is the answer: A getter is a chemically reactive material that helps to hold a vacuum over as long a period as possible.

Two such highly complex vacuum systems will be realized in our company.

Our high-vacuum specialists are currently assembling two heating plates for the "Getter-Tools". The customer needs the systems for the production of vacuum sensors. To be continued on LinkedIn.

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Glacier hiking in Saas-Fee

Durrer Team on Tour

Our ambitious Durrer team took advantage of the company vacations for a high-altitude hike in Saas-Fee. A team-building event that is second to none.

The group consisted of around 10 participants. The highlight of the two-day tour was the guided glacier hike up the Allalinhorn (4027 m above).

The two dedicated organizers of the tour, Thomas and Gusti, are already fully motivated to plan something similar next year. We are excited and thank you for your team spirit.

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VCS Lab vacuum cooling system for R&D

11. August 2020

The laboratory vacuum chamber is suitable for test experiments and for training purposes.

The lab chamber offers the same functionality as all larger Durrer VCS coolers. Yes, it is proven Durrer technology - but much more compact and mobile.

We are Swiss pioneers when it comes to vacuum cooling technology - and we want to stay that way. That's why we are constantly researching and developing further our vacuum coolers. We work together with the most renowned research institutes in the country and build on the latest scientific findings. The results of our work can be seamlessly scaled up. Thus we can also respond to the requirements and wishes of our globally active customers in vacuum cooling technology.

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Brand new vacuum cooler for the bakery

11. August 2020

The time has come: Durrer presents the new generation of vacuum chambers. Years of research and development - as well as the experience gained from previous vacuum projects - have gone into the new development with bundled "in-house power".

The result: the best and fastest cooling method of all! Our brand new, compact and extremely powerful vacuum coolers ensure more efficiency, productivity and guaranteed success in the bakery.

And of course: highest hygiene standards and easy integration into existing control systems (Industry 4.0).

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Strategies to escape from the shock - personal success stories of six suppliers


Ludwig Durrer, CEO and co-owner of Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG, participated in the first live exchange of experiences held on 04.06.2020.

Six CEOs from the supply industry exchanged their experiences and opportunities of the crisis in an interactive livestream.

This event was produced in cooperation with Swissmem and RUZ and can be watched via the link below.

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Media releases and technical articles

Media Releases and Reports

11. August 2020
Special machine manufacturer launches vacuum cooler

Media releases and technical articles in German can be found in the German-language section of the website.

Swiss Label Certification

03. März 2020

SWISS LABEL is the society for the promotion of Swiss products and services since 1917 with over 1000 members. Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG has been certified since March 2020 and is entitled to use the protected trademark with the Swiss crossbow and use it on their products.

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