From the heart of Switzerland to the whole world.

At Durrer, we get into top form when faced with complexities. We then search until we find the perfect solution, developing, designing, and delivering - all in-house. We are also there for you afterwards in maintenance, support, and upgrades.

All according to the highest Swiss quality standards since 1949.

What our customers say

The following sectors and industries are among our customers:

We currently work for companies from these sectors:

Graphic industry

We have been international leaders in developing and producing sophisticated solutions for processing paper and print for more than 50 years.

Security printing

Printing, combined with highly-developed security technology, is becoming increasingly important. Our fully automatic machines provide passports, banknotes, parking tickets, and so on with chips, codes and other elements.

Food industry

Food production is demanding in many respects: hygiene, accuracy, and efficiency processes must be correct and perfectly coordinated. This requires sophisticated high-tech solutions.

Bakery industry

Vacuum technology makes cooling oven-warm bread by 60° C within a short timeframe possible. We develop standardised and individual solutions for the highest demands.

Aviation and aerospace industry

Precision and reliability are decisive in the aviation industry. Well-known companies rely on Durrer: we manufacture prototype parts for lightweight construction and design fixtures for high-precision assembly.

Watch and electronics industry

Swiss luxury watches are masterpieces of precision. Renowned manufacturers test their watches and balance springs with Durrer machines. For the electronics industry, we manufacture parts for automatic winding machines and high-precision vacuum sensors, among others.

Medical technology and healthcare

In medical technology, maximum requirements for precision and hygiene come together - perfect for Durrer vacuum technology. For example, we develop high-tech vacuum dryers for medical bone implants.

TV and media industry

Our extraordinary developments are also in demand at Swiss television SRF: from height-adjustable platforms for news studios to sophisticated constructions for game shows.

Packaging industry

Our machines support the packaging industry in developing and testing new materials with new properties, tailored to individual needs.

Interior equipment

For once, aesthetics plays a significant role. It’s all about a living space’s interior design: a kitchen table, 350 kg in weight. Our equipment is height-adjustable, infinitely variable, and quiet. And it still looks great. Challenge mastered.

Customer statement:

How Durrer creates truly individual solutions is simply impressive.

Jan & Matthias Schneider / Managing Directors
Schneider GmbH & Co. KG

Other customer statements


Other customer statements

Durrer combines high-precision technology with surprising solutions - and does so in a unique way.

Naohiro Tanaka
Tanaka P.B., Japan

Durrer's engineering solutions are at once elegant, robust and effective. In short: they are unique.

Mark Poland
Castelli, UK

The uncomplicated, open and courteous way of working with Durrer is really refreshing.

Philipp Städler
Inficon AG

To whom would I recommend working with Durrer? Anyone who needs a machine.

Frantisek Janovsky
CEO and owner / Karroh s.r.o., Czech Republic

Durrer's price/performance ratio and their serious and competent way of working impressed our entire project team.

Christoph Segginger
Omya International AG

Durrer scores with first-class engineering.

Walter Schomaker
SchoPa Buchbinderei Sp.z.o.o.

Working with Durrer didn't feel like a typical customer-supplier relationship, but rather like true teamwork.

Denis Buter
Canadian Bank Note Company Ltd.

Durrer has really done everything to make our machine fit our needs exactly.

Stephen Buhler
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, USA

We appreciate the uncompromising way in which Durrer implements projects: functionality is paramount.

Wolfgang Zeilmann
Geiger-Notes AG

Why we chose Durrer? It's simple. They deliver the best quality.

Piotr Kita
Legra Sp. z.o.o., Poland

Aftersales - we remain your partner.

Durrer services do not end after commissioning. We support our customers afterwards also: for maintenance, repairs, upgrades - and thus for long-term value retention of your investment.

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Development: mechanical and electronical

We design, conceive the individual parts of the machine, and then we use the software to breathe life into the machine.

Patrick Suter, CTO / Head of Development

Production: manufacturing and assembly

We produce as many parts as possible by ourselves. This makes us independent and guarantees a consistently high quality.

André Becker, COO / Head of Production

Aftersales: Support and customer care

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. The customer should know that we find a solution for every problem.

René Küttel, Leiter Service / Customer Service

Presale: Sales and customer relations

Weighing up market potential and cost risk is always challenging when developing a new machine.

Norbert Ott, CSO / Sales Manager

Corporate Communications: Marketing and Administration

We're not significantly more creative than other SMEs but we are much more direct, customer-focused and courageous.

Kamil Poplawski, Executive Assistant / Administration & Marketing